Increase Consumer awareness to drive demand for nutritious foods

  • Deploying the mass media strategies in providing information, incentives for consumer to make healthier choices through nutrition labels and dietary guidelines.
  • Enhancing the need for consumer to demand for fortified foods, by empowering and positioning them at the center of decision-making in the purchase of these foods.
  • Dispelling poor consumer awareness on what constitutes a highly nutritious meal so that they can change their demand.

Improve nutrition-sensitivity along agricultural value chain.

  • Improving nutritional outcomes by the way food is produced, processed, distributed, marketed and consumed.
  • Large-scale nutrition-sensitive programmes that address key underlying determinants of nutrition and enhance the effectiveness of nutrition-specific interventions.
  • Shaping food systems for improved food security and nutrition outcomes.

Promotion of workforce nutrition to increase employee productivity

  • Make healthy foods available for employees.
  • Put in a policy involving food choices during meetings and events
  • Inspire change through nutrition education and coaching
  • Support for working mothers to sustain exclusive breastfeeding in the first 6months of a child’s life